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03-Jan-2018 05:05

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Conversing on topics such as immigration, school lunches, income tax and climate change, things soon got heated. But the debate ended in tears when Arthur took it upon himself to question husband and wife Imran and Sukhvinder about their conspiracy theory that the world is flat. ’As the pair stormed out of the room, Arthur scoffed, ‘Don’t walk too far that way because you’ll fall off the edge!

On Day Four, Arthur stirred the pot even further, clashing with sisters Hannah and Deborah following and epic altercation with husband and wife Imran and Sukhvinder during the daily task, a debate about political issues.The blonde didn’t take the news well, snubbing Tom when he tried to give her a goodbye hug.Reluctant to bad-mouth his co-stars, he said to Imran, ‘You’re a gentleman’, before telling Mandy that maybe the public felt she was holding back her daughter, Charlotte.I couldn’t resist it any more; the only problem was how to get to her.

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I was under no illusion that scoring with her on a night out was an impossibility, for a start she had a long term boyfriend from the boyband Mc Fly.She believes in doing what she’s told, how boring is that. ’The arrogant lad later came over to Deborah to apologise, but ended up telling her he wanted her sister to be eliminated, adding fuel to the fire.

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I can't help thinking they've got a very stereotypical view of life in Britain and it's inhabitants! Why in the heck would it be pathetic to get involved with people not in our own country? If he is willing to fly to meet me or send me a ticket to meet him then I'd entertain it. But the more we travel the globe the less we adhere to those generalisations.jl503Actually I had never heard of that either. I think mostly it is people who want to escape for some reason and want residency elsewhere or the grass is greener syndrome.… continue reading »

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