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, where the coastal areas, where most of the rain falls, is drained to the sea, and the inward flowing drainage of the rest of the continent, that receives very little rain, conspires in such a way that vast tracts of central Australia depend for their water on the intermittent floods that are channeled from the monsoonal areas of northern Australia along normally dry channels.

While the monsoon rarely fails completely, the amount of rain delivered to the north varies.

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The Continental Divide traverses the park from its southeastern corner to its «-western boundary.ellowstone National Park covers 2,221,766 acres, which is roughly the size of the state of Connecticut.Most of the park is located in the northwestern corner of Wyoming, but a small portion overlaps that state's boundaries with Montana and Idaho.There are 3 major structural components, the stable Western Shield, the gently warped Central Basin, and the ancient orogony of the Eastern Uplands, which have been rejuvenated by differential uplift in Tertiary and later times.

The result is the vast plains and plateaux of the Australian landscape.It is only in very wet years that the water reaches all the way to Lake Eyre, especially as a lot of the water is absorbed into the dry channel beds and evaporates in the hot dry air of the interior long before it reaches Nearly all of the area inland of the peripheral drainage systems generates less the about 3 cm per year of run-off.

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