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02-Jul-2017 02:05

If this sounds pretty straightforward, that's because it actually is pretty.

Let's put all of this straightforward English-sounding description into HTML and Java Script in the next section.

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They are the HTML function and tell it to only retrieve the video from the webcam. Once we retrieve the video, we tell our success function to send the video data to our video element for display on our screen.

So...while the rest of the world is getting upgraded to browsers that support native webcam access, now is a great time for you to get ahead of the program and learn all about it. By the time you reach the bottom of this page, you will have learned how to take your webcam's video stream and display it using only some HTML and Java Script. Before proceeding further, let's first take a look at an example that is identical to what you will be creating.

If you are on a browser that supports the function, you have granted permission for your browser to access the webcam, and you are not on a mobile device like an i Pad, i Phone, Android-based phone, etc.

Accessing your webcam via your browser used to involve a...pardon the profanity, a plugin. In order to connect to a webcam and gain access to its video stream, you had to rely on something primarily created in Flash or Silverlight.

While that approach certainly worked for browsers that supported plug-ins, it didn't help for the increasing number of browsers that aim to be plugin-free.

you should see a live version of yourself (or whatever your webcam is pointing at) in the gray box below: If you do not give your browser permission to access the webcam, you will not see anything interesting.

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