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26-Dec-2017 02:41

I’d been with my ex since university, long before the world of dating sites; would I survive the competitive online catalogue?Starting online dating was like getting into a space rocket and being sent to a whole other planet.I met a man in a pub one night and, civilities over, there was genuinely nothing to talk about. He got his own Americano and left me to get mine and talked for 20 minutes about the many times he’d seen U2 in concert.Out on the pavement, he said: ‘It was good to meet you; good luck with it.’ We smiled and parted.I set up dating profiles - at one point 14 of them, from e Harmony to Plenty of Fish, because I was determined not to fail.It’s hard not to sound full of yourself, but it’s also easy to opt out of saying who you really are and be bland, which gets you nowhere.He’d been persuaded to consider reuniting with his wife and was sorry to have wasted my time.

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As a part of believing in the future, what I wanted was something that seemed impossible: to fall in love again.Ever.’ There was: ‘I’d never go out with a woman who describes herself as independent or ambitious.’Even a male friend said: ‘You are going to need to lose some weight, wear red and grow your hair if you want the silver foxes to see you.’ But I wasn’t interested in a man who wanted to know my vital statistics before meeting, so rejection by those people didn’t hurt at all.

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