Dating as an investment banking analyst

03-Nov-2017 16:16

If I have somehow implied that women are superficial, it’s because I think most people are in general, particularly the people of Wall Street.

"Well, I had just graduated from college earlier that year, and I was working at my first real job, which was marketing for a hospitality group. Starting off, it was ,000 a year, in San Francisco.

I once tweeted a quote from a woman: “I can always tell a banker within the first two minutes of meeting him in a bar …

because he tells me.” And sadly, I think that holds true to a great extent.

Just as I would expect people of both sexes to make judgments about me based on the shine of my loafers, the firmness of my tie knot, or the stitching of my suit.

When I say, “hookers aren’t cool, but remember, the free ones are more expensive,” I really mean that men should be in a relationship for the right reasons.Bankers can be particularly obnoxious, socially awkward, and obtuse to the existence and realities of a world outside of investment banking. For personal reasons, my favorite Goldman man would have to be Jim Esposito. Is the Goldman Sachs Guide to Being a Man applicable to Goldman women?