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10-Jul-2017 20:06

I think everyone realized the game was over because the protection that they had enjoyed was finished.

The "gentleman's agreement" that the royal family had with the press was ending and it was open season as far as everyone was concerned from then on.

or he'd be in Tesco (supermarket) buying a pint of milk, just like anybody else.

I think it struck the shopkeepers in town, who were all local Scottish people, how normal he was, because he'd come in and buy the newspaper on Sunday morning or come in and buy some milk or a bottle of wine like anybody else.

They were able to get to know each other as friends without anyone going, 'Ooh, what's going on there?

' Kate's infamous see-through dress I remember that specific night very well. She was a pretty safe bet; quite conservative in the way she dressed and the way she acted. She's beautiful.' And I think he (Prince William) probably looked to her and was pretty impressed as well.

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But it wasn't crazily mad or ostentatious in any way.

We made the first payment and got an email back from the 'owner' saying he'd gotten the payment and could we fix the rest up asap. The scam works like this: A person registers an apartment on a reputable web-site offering holiday accommodation world-wide.