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The Italian word zefiro was already in existence (meaning "west wind" from Latin and Greek zephyrus) and may have influenced the spelling when transcribing Arabic ṣifr.

There are different words used for the number or concept of zero depending on the context.

Quipu, a knotted cord device, used in the Inca Empire and its predecessor societies in the Andean region to record accounting and other digital data, is encoded in a base ten positional system.

Zero is represented by the absence of a knot in the appropriate position.

By 300 BC, a punctuation symbol (two slanted wedges) was co-opted as a placeholder in the same Babylonian system.

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Ptolemy's zero was used within a sexagesimal numeral system otherwise using alphabetic Greek numerals.

Slang words for zero include zip, zilch, nada, and scratch. By 1770 BC, the Egyptians had a symbol for zero in accounting texts.

The symbol nfr, meaning beautiful, was also used to indicate the base level in drawings of tombs and pyramids and distances were measured relative to the base line as being above or below this line.

When division produced zero as a remainder, nihil, also meaning "nothing", was used.

These medieval zeros were used by all future medieval calculators of Easter.The Babylonian placeholder was not a true zero because it was not used alone. Thus numbers like 2 and 120 (2×60), 3 and 180 (3×60), 4 and 240 (4×60), looked the same because the larger numbers lacked a final sexagesimal placeholder. The back of Epi-Olmec stela C from Tres Zapotes, the second oldest Long Count date discovered.

He also learnt metalworking, and was later adopted as the patron saint of Goldsmiths.… continue reading »

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1/ARTHUR HONEGGER: Concertino for Piano and Orchestra//IGOR STRAVINSKY: Capriccio for Piano and Orchestra/LEOS JANCEK: Concertino for Piano and Chamber Orchestra BARTK BLA: Rhapsodies Nos. 1 for Violincello And Piano/Contrasts BARTK BLA: Vocal Music BARTK BLA: Zongoraversenyk/Rapszdia/Scherzo/Zene hros hangszerekre/tkre s cselesztra BASE: The Base BASHMAKOV, SONNINEN, KOKKONEN, SEGERSTAM: New Finnish Music BASIE COUNT & HIS ORCHESTRA: The Atomic Mr. 60 BEETHOVEN LUDWIG VAN: Symphony No.3 "Eroika" BEETHOVEN LUDWIG VAN: Sinfonie Nr. ACKER: Soittaa Olavi Virran svellyksi - Sinutko unohtaisin BILLY BOYS: Harley Man BIRD CURTIS QUINTET: The Bird Curtis Quintet BIRRA ALI: Ammalele BIRTHDAY PARTY: Prayers on Fire BISHOP STEPHEN: Bish BITSHEVSKAJA ZHANNA: Zhanna Bitshevskaja BIZET GEORGES: Carmen BIZET GEORGES: Carmen BIZET GEORGES: Carmen BIZET GEORGES: Carmen BIZET GEORGES: Carmen BJRLING JUSSI: Songs And Ballads BLACK COFFEE: Step over the Treshold BLACK FLAG: The First Four Years BLACK & WHITE: Black & White BLACK GODDESS BLACK JOY BLACK LIPS AND LONG RAINCOATS BLACK MOTOR: Vaarat vastukset BLACK NIGHTS: Town of Rock'N'Roll BLACK RAVEN: Rock in Threes! L.: A Ass Pocket of Whiskey BURNS MARY: Mary Burns BURNS RANDY & THE SKY DOG BAND: Randy Burns & The Sky Dog Band BURZUM: Burzum/Aske BUSH KATE: The Kick Inside BUSH KATE: The Whole Story BUSINESS: Suburban Rebels BUSY WOMAN - FOR YOU, WOMEN'S! BYRNE DAVID: Music for the Knee Plays BYRNE DAVID: Rei Momo BZN: Green Valleys BCKMAN PY & RAJ MONTANA BAND: Kvinna frn tellus BCKMAN PEKKA & MARRAS: Willa Ma Fella CADILLAC: Sweat'shit CALE J. K: The Singles CHAOUSHEV MOUSTAFA: Moustafa Chaoushev CHAOUSHEV MOUSTAFA: Scheherazade CHAPIN HARRY: Heads & Tales CHAPMAN MARSHALL: Jaded Virgin CHARBY PIERRE: Pierre Charby CHARISMA KEYBOARDS CHARLES BOBBY: Bobby Charles CHARLES BOBBY: Clean Water CHARLES BOBBY: See You Later, Alligator CHARLES RAY: Genius Soul=Jazz CHARLES RAY: Modern Sounds in Country And Western Music CHARLES RAY: Ray Charles CHARLES RAY: Walkin' & Talkin' CHARLES RAY: The World of Ray Charles CHARLES TINA: Dance Little Lady CHARLES TINA: Heart 'n' Soul CHARLIE: Lines CHARLIE DANIELS BAND: Million Mile Reflections CHARLIES: Buttocks CHARLIES: Jail Sessions CHARLIES: Musiikkia elokuvasta Julisteiden liimaajat CHARLOTTA MED LILLEBROR PER: Hand i hand CHAULIAC LEO: Les Claasiques des Beatles CHEAP TRICK: All Shook up CHEAP TRICK: At Budokan CHECKER CHUBBY:20 Super Hits CHEEKS JUDY: Please Give Me This Night CHEKASIN VLADIMIR QUARTET: Nostalgia CHENIER CLIFTON: Bayou Blues CHENIER CLIFTON: Black Snake Blues CHENIER CLIFTON: Boogie & Zydeco CHENIER CLIFTON BAND: Cajun Swamp Music Live CHENIER CLIFTON: Clifton Chenier's Very Best CHENIER CLIFTON & HIS RED HOT LOUISIANA BAND: I'm Here! 1 CIRCLE: Arkades CIRCLE: Forest CIRCLE: Fraten CIRCLE: General CIRCLE: Golem/Vesiliirto CIRCLE: Guillotine CIRCLE: Hissi CIRCLE: Hollywood CIRCLE: Incarnation CIRCLE: Infektio CIRCLE: Katapult CIRCLE: Leviatan CIRCLE: Manner CIRCLE: Maxim CIRCLE: Mountain - Live at Holy Trinity Church (Leeds, UK) CIRCLE: Panic CIRCLE: Pharaoh Overlord CIRCLE: Pori CIRCLE: Rautatie CIRCLE: Six Day Run CIRCLE:6000 km/h CIRCLE: Soundcheck CIRCLE: Sseennsseess CIRCLE: Surface CIRCLE: Taantumus CIRCLE: Terminal CIRCLE: Triumph CIRCLE: Tulikoira CIRCLE: Tyrant CIRCLE: Zopalki CIRCLE FEATURING VERDE: Tower ERKKI KURENNIEMI & CIRCLE: Rakkaus tulessa CITIZEN FISH: Free Souls in a Trapped Environment CITRON: Radegast CITT FRONTALE: El Tor CITY HITS CLAIR DE LUNE & OTHER PIANO FAVOURITES CLAPTON ERIC: Backless CLAPTON ERIC: Backtrackin' CLAPTON ERIC: Eric Clapton's Rainbow Concert CLARKE DR JOHN COOPER & HUGH CORNWELL: This Time It's Personal CLARKE STANLEY: Rocks, Pebbles And Sand CLARK GUY: Guy Clark CLARK GUY: Texas Cookin' CLARK PETULA: Greatest Hits CLARK PETULA: The Hit Singles Collection CLASH: Black Market Clash CLASH: The Clash CLASH: The Clash CLASH: Combat Rock CLASH: Cut the Crap CLASH: Give 'em Enough Rope CLASH: London Calling CLASH: London's Burning-Demos & Outtakes 1976-79 CLASH: Sandinista CLASSIC TV THEMES CLASSIX NOUVEAUX: La Verit CLASS OF '55 CLAYTON LEE: Naked Child CLEANSE THE BACTERIA CLEMONS CLARENCE: Hero CLIFF JIMMY: The Harder They Come CLIFF JIMMY: Save Our Planet Earth CLIFTERS: Kuningas CLINE PATSY: Collection - 20 Golden Hits CLOUD CUCKOOLAND CLOUDS: Elders CLOUDS: Mighty Eyeball Ray/NATURAL MARCUS: Talks of the Prejudiced CLOUDS: Timekeeper/Ras G Remix CLOUDS: Under the Dancing Feet/Worms CLOUDS: Usb Islands CLOUT: Six of the Best COATES ODIA: Odia Coates COCCIANTE RICHARD: Richard Cocciante COCHRAN EDDIE: Eddie Cochran COCHRAN EDDIE: The Early Years COCHRAN EDDIE: Legendary Masters Series COCHRAN EDDIE: Singin' to My Baby COCHRAN EDDIE:20 Rock'n'Roll Hits COCHRAN EDDIE:20th Anniversary Album COCKER JOE: With a Little Help From My Friends COCKNEY REBEL: Psychomodo COCKNEY REJECTS: Greatest Hits Vol 1 COCKNEY REJECTS: Greatest Hits Vol 2 COCKNEY REJECTS: Greatest Hits Vol 3 COCKNEY REJECTS: The Power & The Glory COCKNEY REJECTS: We Are the Firm COCKNEY REJECTS: The Wild Ones COCK'N ROLL SUMMER COCK SPARRER: Shock Troops COCOCOMA: Cococoma COCONUTS: Don't Take My Coconuts COGAN ALMA: Alma Coghan COGAN ALMA: The Very Best of COHEN LEONARD: Death of a Ladies' Man COHEN LEONARD: I'm Your Man COHEN LEONARD: Old Ideas COHEN LEONARD: Popular Problems COHEN LEONARD: Recent Songs COHEN LEONARD: Songs from a Room COHEN LEONARD: Songs of Leonard Cohen COHEN LEONARD: Songs of Love And Hate COHEN LEONARD: You Want It Darker COHN STEPHEN: Stephen Cohn COLD INSTITUTION: Cold Institution COLE LLOYD & THE COMMOTIONS: Mainstream COLE NAT "KING": The Christmas Song COLE NAT "KING": I grandi del Jazz COLE RICHIE AND...: Return to Alto Acres COLE TONY: If the Music Stops COLE TONY: Magnificently Mad COLEMAN BILL: Bill And The Boys COLEMAN ORNETTE: Free Jazz/Ornette! COLLINS LYN: Check Me Out If You Don't Know Me By Now COLLINS LYN: Think (About It) COLTRANE JOHN QUARTET: Africa/Brass COLTRANE JOHN: Bahia COLTRANE JOHN: Blue Train COLTRANE JOHN: Coltrane Jazz COLTRANE JOHN: Coltrane Plays the Blues COLTRANE JOHN: Dakar COLTRANE JOHN: Giant Steps COLTRANE JOHN: I grandi del Jazz COLTRANE JOHN: A Love Supreme COLTRANE JOHN: My Favorite Things COLTRANE JOHN: Ol Coltrane - The Complete Session COLTRANE JOHN: Soul Train COLTRANE JOHN & DON CHERRY: The Avant-Garde COMBAT 84/LAST RESORT: Death Or Glory COMMANDOS: Edge of Town COMMUNARDS: Communards COMPLETE MILLION DOLLAR SESSION DECEMBER 4TH 1956 COMPTON BROTHERS: Haunted House Charlie Brown COMUS: First Utterance CONCERTS FOR THE PEOPLE OF KAMPUCHEA CON FUNK SHUN:7 CONFUSE: Indignation CONGO KID & THE PINK MONKEY BIRDS: La Arana es La Vida CONGO KID & THE PINK MONKEY BIRDS: Dracula Boots CONGO KID & THE PINK MONKEY BIRDS: Gorilla Rose CONGO KID & THE PINK MONKEY BIRDS: Haunted Head CONGO KID & THE PINK MONKEY BIRDS: Philosophy And Underwear CONGOS: Heart of the Congos CONJUNTO LOS LATINOS: Cuba COODER RY: Blue City COODER RY: Bop Till You Drop COODER RY: Borderline COODER RY: Chicken Skin Music COODER RY: Get Rhythm COODER RY: Jazz COODER RY: Paradise And Lunch COODER RY: Ry Cooder COOKE SAM: His Greatest Hits COOKE SAM: The Man And His Music COOKE SAM: Three Original Albums - My Kind of Blues/Swing Low/Hits of the 50's COOKE SAM: Tribute to The Lady COOL CANDYS: Go'bitar 2 COOL SHEIKS: Cool Sheiks COOPER ALICE: Billion Dollar Babies COOPER ALICE: Easy Action COOPER ALICE: Killer COOPER ALICE: Love It to Death COOPER ALICE: Muscle of Love COOPER ALICE: Pretties for You COOPER ALICE: School's out COOPER ALICE: Zipper Catches Skin COOPER D B: Buy American COPE JULIAN: Saint Julian CORBETTA JERRY: Jerry Corbetta COSMIC MACHINE - A VOYAGE ACROSS FRENCH COSMIC & ELECTRONIC AVANTGARDE (1970-1980) COSMIC PSYCHOS: Cosmic Psychos COSMO JONES BEAT MACHINE: Belzeboogie COSTA GAL: Gal Canta Caymmi COSTA NINA: Tllainen olen COSTELLO ELVIS & THE ATTRACTIONS: Armed Forces COSTELLO ELVIS: My Aim Is True COSTELLO ELVIS: This Year's Model COTSA CPI: Kohtalon tielt 1 - Uudet vankilalaulut, bluesit, kantrit ym.… continue reading »

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