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16-Sep-2017 15:20

In the excerpt from the book, we read a letter to Dobson from Laura, a victim of Domestic violence.

She indicates she has been married for 12 year to a highly respected lawyer and church leader, but his behavior is different when he is home.

Dobson, you see, believes that white-washing tombs filled with dead men’s bones will clean up the tomb.

And thus his message is a false gospel promoted by a psychologist mixing his own traditions with a dash of psychology and a smattering of Bible verses. Mike has been a champion in encouraging the church have better guidelines in dealing with child sex abuse (here, here, and here).

He should be made to think that he has lost his wife over this issue, and in fact, I would recommend that she not return until there is reason to believe that he is willing to change. When (and if) her husband acknowledges that he has a severe problem and promises to deal with it if she’ll come home, a period of negotiations should follow.

One of the conditions for reconciliation is competent Christian counseling for the psychological problem that is now apparent to everyone but the husband. Dobson’s very wide audience, I found his words to Laura to be shocking and potentially harmful. Dobson’s words are respected far and wide and I wanted to hear what other church leaders had to say about his advice.

It is time for leaders to stand up and recognize that Jesus always stood with the oppressed, and because of his lead, so should they.

He is saying by his behavior, “Do what I wish or I’ll beat you.” She must break out of that tyranny while she’s still young enough to cope with the consequences.

Now, in regard to his “Tough Love” message from which his horribly damaging nonsense about a wife having to remain married to a husband who abuses and even beats her comes from – Dobson’s “tough love” is at best what the Bible calls Law, but more probably it is just plain legalism. But surely anyone even slightly acquainted with Scripture knows that such a philosophy is doomed to failure.

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