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Within each family, there are several different creatures, and when you tame a new creature from that family, your warder will then take on that appearance.

There are 16 different families, and each family has special abilities to help you with whatever role you might need.

They were added to : They will help new players who are leveling up but might not be able to find a full group, and they will help solo players who might have trouble with more challenging content.

You can change the merc's name and customize his look by opening up your character window and dragging items onto the paperdoll window for your mercenary.

But the types of mercenaries also differ based on where and which ones you hire.

So you could hire a healer who might have a lot of buffs and heals but not a rez, or another one that might not have as many buffs but can rez.

There are unique race and archetype quests so that players can replay arcs on alts and still see new content and fresh storylines.

The hamlets are now instanced zones, so as you do the quests, the neighborhoods react to your choices and change as a result.

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A quick look at the map shows that all the areas of Freeport are now combined into a single zone.

Associate Producer Emily "Domino" Taylor both took time to give Massively a tour of some of the new features, so read on for an up-close look at Beastlords, the new Freeport, mercenaries, and the dungeon maker, and check out some new screenshots in our gallery below! The team wanted to experiment with a more active style, one in which players have to watch combat more closely.

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