Hipster dating

27-Sep-2017 01:44

You’ll find free evening open air salsa and tango at Spitalfields during the summer months. Dennis Severs’ House, 18 Folgate Street London E1 6BX This house has something all hipsters appreciate, whether they have it in them or not; a little bit of crazy.Denis Severs moved to London in the 70s from California, bought a house, and promptly set about making it into a living artefact.Imaging the lives of a family living through the 18th and 19th centuries, Severs decorated each of the ten rooms in the house like a theatre set to reflect a different period of the fictitious family’s life. For a touch of geek chic and a jolt of the imagination, this is a good dating alternative to London’s bars and restaurants, and can even be toured by candlelight. From bric-a-brac to trinkets, toys to treasure, there’s oodles of old tat here to enjoy. Go for something cringingly retro like an 80s figurine which will look nice and kitsch on their mantelpiece.Experimental Cocktail Club, 13A Gerrard Street, London W1D 5PS Hipsters thrive on obscurity, so if all else fails, charm the socks off your date by bringing them for a round of swanky cocktails in one of London’s hidden bars.For an afternoon’s fun you can both take a twirl back in time on the last Friday of the month from April to September at London’s Spitalfields Market for the Spitalfields tea dance.From the foxtrot to the cha cha, a spontaneous frolic on the dance floor could be just what the doctor ordered for that hipster.

Spitalfields Market, Crispin Place, Spitalfields, London E1 6AA Think dating in London has to be cool? Taking your beloved hipster to a tea dance might not be their cup of Darjeeling, but it will shake them out of their comfort zone, and it might just appeal to their quirkier side.

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