Naked chat no register

06-Jul-2017 13:02

So I decided to soak up some sun without the constraints of a swim suit.Board shorts are so huge and always make me feel like I'm wearing a wet blanket.Whenever she laughed or shifted her position, I could see the tops of her breasts come into view over the edge of the fence.It was hard to tell how big they were, but it definitely seemed she had at least a good handful.I didn't turn it up very loud as I wanted to relax and figured I shouldn't attract too much attention from the neighbors. Between the music and my relaxed state, it didn't register at first, but I realized a female voice had first said, "Why hello there." Followed with a more inquisitive, "Hello?

I wouldn't say I'm a nudist, but I'm by no means modest and feel comfortable in my own skin.I realized as I attempted to cover myself with my hand that I wasn't completely soft probably from the sun and enjoyment of being naked outdoors.My hand couldn't quite do the job, but in honesty I didn't really care.She quickly realized my hesitation and said "Don't worry, I don't care." So I moved to shake her hand lightly, but she held mine firmly and didn't release for a few moments.

At first she stared deeply into my eyes, but then as releasing my hand looked straight down and again inspected my completely exposed package.Deciding to try to play it cool I finally replied, "Why hello.