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Gorillas, on the other hand, enjoy far less sex – at about only 12 times per birth.While 1,000 times might seem like a lot, especially on average – considering that many religions preach sex as solely a means of reproduction – Ryan argues that it’s human nature to regard sex first as a “bonding experience” and as a vehicle for reproduction, secondarily.So, if this sexually promiscuous nature is seemingly embedded in our genetic code from birth, “man whores” are the norm – and those more sexually reserved are the exception, right? As Stephen Diamond, Ph D writes in Psychology Today, the roots of promiscuity do not lie within one’s aptitude for frequent sexual encounters, but rather one’s lack of sexual discrimination.Diamond continues to say that repeated bouts of random sexual encounters – in women – can be “commonly seen in various mental disorders.” He then goes on to mention psychosis, manic episodes, substance abuse and a number of different identity disorders as examples, among others.According to the book – and by “the book,” I mean the dictionary – a “whore” is a prostitute.A prostitute denotes someone who accepts retributions in exchange for some form of sexual favor.

However, while societal norms might allow less freedom for women to act upon their sexuality, while remaining within the boundaries of “proper etiquette” – science explains that men have a far more potent, and frequent, sexual drive than women.Diamond references Rollo May who, in his magnum opus titled "Love and Will," described sex as a “diamonic.” Diamonics, defined, are natural functions that have the potential to take over an entire person’s thought process.