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In general, you should only cite works that you have read.In a few cases, however, it may be necessary to refer to another scholar’s discussion of a text: Start collecting your references as soon as possible and find a good system for filing them.

The appearance of your list of references will depend on the reference style you use.Academic publications have formal rules for citation and referencing that vary between different fields, journals, etc.There are for example standard abbreviations that are commonly used in citations.It may also be a good idea to save keywords and search histories for previous searches and in the same document.

Your list of references (or bibliography) is placed after the main text of your thesis.

Example: “The single life that exists in late modern [western] society may be perceived as forming part of such a democratic culture.” (Kloster 2003, p. It might also be relevant to remove or add italics in a longer quotation. Example: “The single life that exists in late modern society may be can also mean that the quotation is unusual, but correctly reproduced.

It bears witness to the cultural histories of the Norse farmer-hunters who started arriving from Iceland in the 10th century and of the Inuit hunters and Inuit farming communities that developed from the end of the 18th century.… continue reading »

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